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Removing the Fog: What Cloud Based POS Really Means

The buzzword “Cloud” is the center of enormous press, the basis for numerous Silicon Valley startups and is surfacing in a variety of emerging technologies, however, what impact will it have for the payments industry? In terms of commerce, the … Continue reading

Your Customers Demand Mobile Solutions

In the last few days both QSR Web and Fast Casual have posted articles about customers driving the need for restaurants to adopt mobile technologies. The truth of the matter is that your customers are on their smartphones. In order … Continue reading

GoPago App: The Walletless Future

Last month, Mobile Payments Today declared that “The Wallet is Doomed!” and with a survey conducted by PayPal, 86 percent of Americans would be willing to get rid of their wallets for a digital solution. Since we launched our killer … Continue reading

mPOS: Our Latest Disruptive Device For QSRs

We will unveil our mPOS solution as the latest addition to our commerce in the cloud product suite at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show. The mPOS has all the power of GoPago LIVE’s tablet POS on a smartphone that … Continue reading

Why Every Tablet POS Needs to Come Loaded with a 4G Data Plan

Let’s face it, most brick and mortar businesses don’t have an IT department and most cannot afford the costs of hiring an IT specialist, although we all know how vital internet enabled systems are to running a successful business in … Continue reading

GoPago LIVE: Pioneering “Solution as a Service” in Commerce

Pictured above from left to right: David Herzog, VP of Partnerships and Alliances; Martina Plaza, Office Manager;  Leo Rocco, Founder & CEO; Kelsey Mitchell, Program Manager; and Steve Elefent, Chief Strategy Officer A year ago yesterday, Tech Republic published an … Continue reading

GoPago LIVE’s Killer Mobile Payment and Ordering App

Mobile payments are estimated to hit one trillion dollars by 2015. Fortunately, we equip our merchants with the technology to accept this influx of capital. Each and every one of our GoPago LIVE point of sale systems comes integrated with … Continue reading

Case Study: GoPago LIVE the Perfect POS Solution for Kentucky’s Piper’s Cafe

Everyone at the San Francisco GoPago headquarters is familiar with Piper’s Cafe and the owner, Chip Adkins. He was one of the first to sign up for GoPago LIVE and has provided our customer support, marketing and engineering teams with … Continue reading

Why More Tablet POS Systems should be on Android, not iPad POS

GoPago LIVE is NOT an iPad POS. GoPago’s POS software is run on the Android operating system, not iOS, which differentiates us from virtually every other tablet-based POS in the market. We made this decision very deliberately; the Android platform … Continue reading

Save Time and Stay Healthy in 2013

It’s a new year, your resolutions are still in effect and impending flu epidemics are looking to invade your body; we recommend you turn to healthy food and your handy dandy GoPago app. In San Francisco, the weather is demanding … Continue reading